Our Vision

Transform Data into Doing

Raia is your personal data analyst, always on hand to answer your data questions and automatically deliver work by leveraging data.

Unlike traditional analytics tools that just display data, Raia actively interacts with you, providing tailored insights and executing tasks based on your data needs, transforming data from a static resource into a dynamic one, automating crucial tasks, and turning insights into actions.

With Raia, data becomes more than just numbers on a screen; it's a responsive, intelligent partner in your decision-making process.

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Data Accessibility

Boost productivity by up to 40% by enabling team members at all technical levels to engage with data insights


Proactive Analysis

Strategize and make decisions not just based on what has happened but on what will happen, allowing users to stay ahead of the curve


Actionable Insights

Raia transforms complex data sets into clear, actionable insights. It goes beyond traditional data reporting to taking actions based on data

Immediate value

Your AI Data Analyst
Accessible to Anyone

Connecting Raia to your internal data sources only takes a few minutes.

Connect Raia's Data Analyst to your Slack Workspace and make it available to your users.

Raia's Data Analyst is available to answer questions based on your data, freeing up the Data Analysis team and giving the business the information they need to make decisions.

Get started

It only takes a few minutes to get started

Getting Started is Easy: Connect Raia to Your Data Sources and Instantly Unlock Value

Daily value

Data Assistance

In addition to instant answers, you can have your AI Data Analyst handle the day-to-day analysis, team communication, report creation, and more
  • Report Generation
    Raia can mimic your team’s daily process, crunch through data, reason, generate the required analysis, and communicate with your team.
  • Predictive Analysis
    Leverage Raia to analyze large amounts of distributed data to understand scenarios before they happen and communicate with your team.
  • Natural Language
    Give non-technical users the capability to automate their tasks using Natural Language, reducing overhead on the Data Analysis team and increasing productivity.
  • Continuous Value
    Raia continues the conversation and details the data it used to deliver its tasks and results.

Enterprise Ready

Raia is an Enterprise-ready Autonomous Agent Platform that delivers rapid value across the most critical industries and use-cases.

Data Leaders

Drive up to 40% increase in decision-making speed and 30% increase in productivity.

Data Analyst

Imagine slashing the time you spend on reports and dashboards by up to 60%.

Product Manager

Understand what features drive retention, where adoption risks are, and drive adoption and revenue.


Use Raia to trigger workflows, process data, and send custom results back to your application


Get relevant insights into how Raia is addressing relevant challenges at the core of your business, delivering rapid and real results to transform how the world works.

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